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With an international business savvy, affiliations with many established luxury real estate conglomerates and experience working successfully with human resource departments and companies worldwide, I have honed skills to effectively assist my global clients with straightforward and carefree sales transactions.

Network Considerations. Enthusiastic as I am to provide “one-stop-shopping” for clients’ needs, my services have included, at times, a degree of property management as well as a collection of professional contacts should they require them. These contacts include solicitors (real estate and immigration related), professional home inspectors, financial lending companies/banks, chartered accountants, builders, architects, designers, moving companies and maintenance service consultants.

Toronto. Fond of our lovely city and its many charming communities, I take great pleasure providing in-depth information about neighbourhoods and the schools, synagogues/churches/temples, sports arenas, libraries, community centres, shopping boutiques and restaurants within them.

Limitless Assistance. Straight forward and steadfast, I have thus far successfully assisted clients moving to Toronto from the United States, Europe and the Middle East.

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