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In a Sellers’ market, it is usually beneficial to “hold-off” offers.  This process allows for prospective buyers to view the property during a few day period and then submit their offer on the allotted date and time.  Creating a multiple offer situation is usually the very best way to rest assured that a home’s true current value has been achieved.

  1. DOCUMENTS: Gather as much of the following as possible to give to your Realtor:  copies of your most recent tax bill, land survey, floor plans; list of improvements, additions, renovations.
  2. SECURITY: Discuss the showing process with your Realtor; Create a new alarm code for Realtor use exclusively (if giving access) and provide them with a copy of your key; It is also a good idea to lock up or remove all jewellery, personal files, computers, laptops and other small valuables; Depending upon your own privacy preferences, you might like to also remove photographs, framed professional degrees, tax information, personal identification records, etc.
  3. DECLUTTER, DECLUTTER, DECLUTTER:  The more a home is decluttered, the better!

Exclusive Listings have a very important place in the real estate market.  Contractually almost identical to an MLS listing, an Exclusive Listing allows your home to be marketed and sold without putting it onto the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  Your and your property’s exposure therefore is limited to only the specific boundaries you decide on with your Realtor.

Whether for security concerns, privacy reasons or other personal objectives, most people who list their homes Exclusively do so to more specifically target all marketing to the most befitting and usually small group of prospective buyers.

No, open houses are not absolutely necessary.  They can be a marvellous marketing tool, but definitely something to be discussed with your real estate agent/broker.  The scope of marketing is usually reviewed in detail during the listing presentations and your comfort – as the Sellers – are of utmost importance.


Take extra care if deciding to deal directly with a listing broker with whom you do not have a relationship.  You may get a financial incentive to do so, but it might not always be the best in the long run (financially or otherwise).  Speak with a REALTOR you know and trust to discuss this in greater detail.

Pre-emptive offers are offers which potential buyers insist on submitting to the listing brokerage ahead of the date and time set aside for accepting offers.  Their hope is for the Sellers to consider their offer immediately, without waiting for potential competition.

This is such a subjective matter as much of it can end up being based on how personality styles mesh.  Ideally, you should look for someone with whom you feel completely comfortable; someone who is experienced and knowledgeable; someone who is trustworthy, understands your requirements and is able to work around your schedule and, ultimately, someone who you feel will do their utmost to negotiate the hardest to achieve your goals.

Though a Buyers’ Representation Agreement is a very useful document and definitely recommended to being reviewed, discussed and signed prior to showings, it is not absolutely mandatory until an offer is being drawn up.  The document establishes a client – agent relationship and ensures that you – as the client-  will be entitled to the most expensive of services.  It’s terms can certainly be negotiated.   They can also be drafted to apply specifically and only to the one property which will be shown; rather than all properties within a specific period of time..


It is, of course, ideal if you could exclusively list and sell a property on your own. could be a wonderful second step… If time passes and you haven’t yet sold your Exclusive Listing, then it might be a great time to submit your Exclusively Listed property to be featured on (along with your clients’ express consent to advertise it on the website).  This would then allow the property to be exposed to those searching specifically for Exclusive Listings on the internet.

No, at the present time there aren’t any costs associated with featuring an exclusively listed property on the website.

Our business practice is to ensure your clients’ privacy, to uphold all professional ethics and to do our utmost to make this a mutually beneficial and easy process.  In addition to a few in-house listings, we look forward to featuring Exclusive Listings specifically for luxury properties listed over $2,000,000.00.

Dependant upon the number of submissions, we will work to include your Exclusive Listing at the earliest possible opportunity.  Listings will be reviewed based on photograph quality, price point and location.

To have your exclusive listing reviewed for featuring, please contact us for further details.  Otherwise, to submit your Exclusive Listing for review please  send us the following information by email:

  1. Copy of your active Exclusive Listing contract (which will be kept in a strictly confidential file)
  2. Three high resolution photographs along with a virtual tour link (if available)
  3. Floor Plans, Feature Sheet, Survey and Property Description.

The only obligation for Realtors who are submitting properties for featuring is to ensure that they have an active listing signed with the seller(s) of the property and that the Realtors have permission to advertise the property.  Lastly, Realtors must notify us of any price adjustments, any necessary corrections to the listing and also when the property sells.

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