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Caroline Bokar

Broker & Founder

A personal gateway for Top Realtors, Sellers of exceptional properties and distinguished Buyers.

Owners have three choices when selling a property: list on MLS (Multiple Listing Service), list as an “Exclusive Listing” or sell the home privately themselves. Though listing on MLS certainly provides the widest exposure for properties, a homeowner might still prefer to list “exclusively” which is a more discreet and/or specifically targeted way to reach their ideal, prospective buyers.

Top Realtors in Toronto must then network with other Realtors to find out who might have an exclusive listing which could befit their buyer client’s needs. Though proven to be a very good way to find exclusive listings, we are hoping that our portal will be an even better and more convenient way for all Realtors, Sellers and Buyers to connect and sell carriage trade homes.


Integrity +  Knowledge +  Dilligence = Committed Client Representation 

Results oriented and respectful of peoples’ privacy, my goal is to ensure that this website and process are easy to navigate and effective for all. Please feel encouraged to contact me with any inquiries and/or concerns.

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